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Built 100% for Amazon Web Services, you never have to worry about performance or scalability

Open Source

All of the source code is hosted over on GitHub, feel free to fork or contribute back!

AngularJS Client

Smooth client side experience with AngularJS 6+

Rest APIs

Want to integrate a custom tool, such as a Discord bot, with your dkp information? No problem, all REST APIs are exposed for consumers!

About OpenDKP

Built by a DKP admin
for DKP admins

OpenDKP started as a passion project specifically for my guild on Phinigel (TLP) server and I was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. With that in mind, I wanted to share back to the community by making it open source hence Open in OpenDKP

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Missing Raid Ticks


Happy Clients

Moncs made me an offer I couldn't refuse


GM of Original Gangster Club

OpenDKP has streamlined our DKP entry, greatly reducing administrative time. The familiarity of EQDKP influences makes the system extremely intuitive and easy to transition to.


GM of Magic and Melee

Moncs DKP is a robust solution to tracking loot and DKP for your guild. Spend less time on book keeping and more time killing monsters


Officer of Original Gangster Club

The thing I love most about OpenDKP is its ease of use as well as the speed at which data may be entered. Unlike other platforms, OpenDKP has improved my quality of life tremendously versus our guilds old method of entering data. Super neat features such as bulk item uploading, and a built dispute feature for missing ticks are absolutely superior and just a few amazing perks of using this platform. Hats off to the OpenDKP team - I am truly honored to be a pioneer user as well as extremely excited to see the updates and features Moncs has in store for us.


Officer of Original Gangster Club