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You can create a new guild hosted on OpenDKP on demand. Click Register to sign up as a new client but remember you'll need to Subscribe with Paypal within 7 days after creating your guild. Hosting options are as cheap as $9.99 per month, or even cheaper with an annual subscription. Use the Paypal buttons below to complete that process.


Head over to the Github projects linked in the top navbar to get started! This does take good working knowledge of AWS and other technologies to get started!

$9.99 Monthly

With this subscription, you are provided dedicated 24/7 hosting for you. You'll have a dedicated subdomain such as that is dedicated to you and your guild!

Other Payments

As an avid crypto fan, I am open to accepting LTC, BTC, BCH or XRP. Please contact me directly to set this up.

Other Services

Want to convert your existing EQDKP data to OpenDKP? Want to have your own AWS Account setup and provisioned for you with the OpenSource version? Contact me directly in discord or @ our support email address

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What We Offer For You

Quick Setup

Your DKP site will be up and available within 48 hours of payment received. With automation coming to this process, it can potentially be quicker. You'll have access to a brand new database and your users will be separate from everyone

Domain & SSL/TLS

By default, you'll receive your own custom subdomain to use, for example which will be secured with SSL/TLS certificates signed from Amazon

Reliability & Performance

Using Amazon Web Services as the backing infrastructure was a strategic decision. Out of the box, you get the trusted reliability, availability and scalability of Amazon Web Services. As your traffic demand goes up, we do too!

Latest Features & Enhancements

This project is being updated to the AWS CodeCommit repository daily, while major releases are merged back to the GitHub projects. This means you'll have access to the latest and greatest.


As a subscriber, you'll have access to support email. As this is passion project, there is no defined Service Level Agreement. I'll do my absolute best to keep customers happy!