I've played EverQuest for more than 10 years and have always been part of a guild that utilizes a DKP system. After becoming an officer and having to enter dkp into a system that was designed in php and some older technologies, I decided to try something new. Given my full time job is working as a Director of a large technology group, I wanted to have a side project that helped keep my skills sharpened.

I made the decision to learn as much about Amazon Web Services, not becoming an expert in any specific component offered but gain some experience in as many as I could touch. Every component about this project is in some way tied to Amazon Web Services; from the AngularJS front end which is stored in S3 buckets to the MySQL database instance running in RDS.

AWS Components Used


Our AngularJS client side application is stored in S3 buckets

API Gateway

All of our REST APIs are offered through the API Gateway, which connects to our backend Lambdas


Using Serverless Functions to perform query operations and more on the backend

Route 53

Handles are routing for our Domain name


For our content delivery, distributed globally


Our MySQL database instance


Handles our user authentication and authorization


Logs, Event Scheduling and more!

...And many more

It's almost impossible to list all of the services we consume by AWS